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Procrastination About Your Estate Plan? Me Too.

Every week I talk to people who tell me that they’ve been procrastinating about getting their estate plan together. I get it. It took me and my husband years to make the tough decisions and finally get things done and I do this for a living! The most common reasons people finally call to set up an appointment are:

  • An upcoming vacation

  • A scary diagnosis or upcoming surgery

  • A death in the family or that of a friend

  • Birth of a child

For my husband and I, we had a vacation planned and just didn't feel right leaving the country without knowing things were finally in order. We put off the process because neither of us could come to grips with whom to name as guardian of our kids should something happen. There is no perfect answer because aren’t we all the best parents to our kids?

Nothing like planning a vacation or thinking about an impending surgery or medical test to light a fire when it comes to finally putting your estate plan together. Let’s face it, the instant gratification factor keeps us from doing what we know needs to be done. It’s not like buying a great new couch or taking a weekend road trip. The whole process sounds awful - tough decisions about who to name as a guardian to your minor children or who will take care of your finances, spending money on a legal document that you probably won’t even understand and confusion about the whole process.

My message to you is please don’t wait till there’s a crisis. I work to make the process as seamless and affordable as possible. I will explain everything in plain English so you are comfortable. Don’t wait for crunch time to make life’s big decisions. Go into it with a clear head. My advice is to jump on it now. You’ll feel better I promise.

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