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Legal Documents for Minors

Planning for the unexpected is hard to do but essential for your peace of mind. There are times when we can't always be there for our kids.  Sometimes we leave them in the care of others so we can go on vacation; or we may undergo medical treatment and not be available. Regardless of the circumstance, you always want to make sure our kids are cared for. We can help you get documents in place for your minor children should you be unable to make decisions for them. No one wants to think about the worst case scenario but a key part of your plan will be to include details about guardianship in addition to providing financial direction. We all want to know that our children will be taken care of by people that we choose.

Power of Attorney Designation

Without legal authority, even a close relative is not authorized to enroll your child in school or authorize medical treatment; nor are they technically authorized to sign documents on your behalf. A Power of Attorney designation allows you to name an individual who would be able to perform these duties in your absence so that your minor children are able to carry on until you are able to do so. 

Medical Consent Form


A medical consent Form allows a designated person to authorize medical treatment for your child and ensures that your children receive the medical care they need when neither parent is present.  Without it, healthcare providers may refuse or be reluctant to treat your child; and in an emergency, could resort to the hospital’s own protocol for care which may greatly differ from your own.  A medical consent form should always be completed any time before both parents are out of town.

To learn more and to implement a plan to protect your family, consult with an estate planning attorney in your state who specializes in trust and estate planning.

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