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Estate Planning Essentials

We take care of the estate planning essentials so you can kick back and relax.


Our focus is on planning for your estate with a comprehensive estate plan that typically includes a Will, Revocable TrustPower of Attorney, and Health Care Directive, but every family is unique. You are able to specify how you want your estate handled during periods of unforeseen disability and ultimately death so your family isn't left with uncertainty over how to handle your finances, medical care, and asset distribution.

Why Have an Estate Plan?


We are living longer than our ancestors and hopefully adding financial stability for ourselves and loved ones along the way. Many people think legal estate planning is about dying but the focus needs to be more about living. What do you want for yourself as you age? How do you want to be remembered and what legacy will you leave for those you love?

Make Plans for Yourself

Traditionally, estate planning was all about what happens to the things we own after death and this is still an essential part of any comprehensive plan. Determining what family members and friends will receive gifts of your assets at your death is a major concern and aims to create a peaceful transition. But another overlooked benefit to creating your estate plan is making decisions for yourself now about what will happen during your life. Think of it as “lifetime planning.” Creating a comprehensive estate plan allows you to:

  • name specific family members or friends to manage your assets and healthcare in the event of your disability or death

  • ensure that your values and wishes are respected

  • provide for family members either during or after your death

  • avoid family disputes over your healthcare and/or assets

  • show your family that you care by providing for them after you are gone


Consider the Whole Picture

Comprehensive planning starts by planning for the remainder of your life. Create a life plan that will protect your lifestyle and financial security and help you attain your goals during the rest of your life but an especially important part is planning for the possibility of your incapacity.  Who should be authorized to step in and manage your finances if needed?  Who should have access to your personal medical information?  What financial and medical decisions should they be authorized to make?

If you are married, a comprehensive estate plan will help ensure that your spouse will be able to live his or her remaining years with dignity and financial security. At your death, it can preserve an inheritance to pass along to your family in a manner that will not be squandered because of inexperience, illness, or a marriage gone bad.

Created with the help of your lawyer, a comprehensive estate plan will allow your assets to be best utilized for your benefit during your life and then ultimately protected and preserved for the benefit of your intended beneficiaries after your death. In addition to protecting you and your loved ones from whatever the future may hold, and preserving your personal and financial autonomy, a comprehensive plan will provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that you have done what you can to prepare.

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Complimentary Reviews


We will happily chat with you about your current plan and provide options about whether to update your documents and how to go about it. Remember that updating estate planning documents usually requires that you use the same method that was used to create the document in the first place.

Update Your Current Documents

Laws change and the estate tax increases every year. It is wise to review your estate planning documents every few years or when there are major changes in your life. It's worth taking the time to check out. Click here to find out more about why it is smart to update your outdated documents.


We pride ourselves in providing convenience for our elderly and working clients. We are happy to meet on days and at times that work best for you.  We understand how everyone is busy with life and we want to make this process as painless as possible.

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