Three Easy Steps

Estate planning doesn't need to be complicated.

That's why we made our process simple from start to finish.

1. Information Gathering


After scheduling your first appointment I will send a Client Worksheet for you to complete. This worksheet gives you an opportunity to consider your overall goals and gather basic information relating to your estate. Of course if you have any questions about any of the information in the worksheet I encourage you to call me any time. Please just bring this completed form with you to our first meeting. I look forward to getting started on your plan!

2. Initial Meeting


Next we we will meet to talk about your specific concerns. This first meeting usually lasts anywhere from one to two hours.  I take the time to answer your questions and explain my ideas in plain English so that you understand the process. Many clients only want to know the bare minimum while others prefer to understand more fully the different provisions and procedures in implementing their plan. Either way, this first meeting a perfect time to address any questions that you may have.  I want you to know that your concerns are my concerns.

3. Plan Completion


After our initial meeting I will prepare your individualized plan, which usually takes between two to three weeks. Once you are comfortable with your plan particulars we will meet again to sign and notarize your documents. Signing your documents takes about an hour, after which I will guide you through the funding process and you are done! You will be able to rest assured knowing that your goals have been met and that your family is protected. It's that simple.

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